Xitel Sound Around for Xbox 360 DVD Audio from 2 Speakers,Digital Signal Processor,SRS TruSurround XT, Remote Control - Infrared, Retail Box , 1 year Limited Warranty

Product Overview
You don’t need an expensive 5.1 surround sound system to make your Xbox 360 games, movies and music sound awesome. With SOUNDaround for Xbox 360 your regular stereo TV, hi-fi system, headphones, or 2.1 powered speakers will take on a new dimension beyond what you thought possible. Here’s what SOUNDaround for Xbox 360 will give you


Works with Movies, Games, TV, and HD Radio

Not only does the SOUNDaround work with Dolby and DTS content found in DVD movies, games, DTV, and HDTV, it can also turn SRS Circle Surround encoded television programs and digital radio into a cinema quality experience. Circle Surround is the format leading networks use to transmit surround-encoded audio over two channels and is totally compatible with Xitel’s SOUNDaround. Broadcasters using Circle Surround include ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN HD, FOX, FX, TNT and PBS with shows such as ESPN’s Sunday Night Football, the ABC’s Stanley Cup Finals and ESPN2’s Winter X Games. Circle Surround is also the format used for HD Radio, the Digital Radio standard in North America. Using a SOUNDaround, you can take full advantage of all of this content and enjoy fully immersive audio through your two-speaker Hi-Fi system, stereo TV, or headphones.

Easy to Use and Simple to Install

SOUNDaround is fast and easy to install – it simply plugs in between your Xbox 360 and your existing two-speaker equipment such as stereo TV, home entertainment system, powered speakers, even headphones. Get ready to experience Xbox 360 games, movies and music in a whole new way.

Massive sound improvement

SOUNDaround leverages breakthrough audio technology to turn your Xbox 360 into a more realistic and immersive experience.
 The SOUNDaround combines three award-winning technologies to give you a cinema experience in the comfort of your own home: SRS TruSurround XT, SRS TruBass and SRS Dialog Clarity.

TruSurround XT

TruSurround XT works on advanced psycho-acoustic modelling. Using sophisticated technology, the SOUNDaround processes multi-channel content from DVD movies, HDTV, DTV, Playstation II games, X-Box games and Circle Surround programs while retaining the positional information of the original soundtrack. This creates a totally immersive virtual speaker environment that lets you hear audio 360 degrees around using just two ordinary speakers.

Bigger Bass

SOUNDaround pumps out bass so powerful you can feel it! TruBass® processing lets ordinary speakers hit low frequencies for subwoofer like performance. If your system already has a subwoofer, SOUNDaround makes it sound even better!

Clearer Dialog

Ever watched a movie and found it hard to hear what’s being said? The SOUNDaround Dialog Clarity creates a virtual centre speaker that lets you hear every word in crystal clear detail. Enjoy fast paced action without having to crank the volume to ear-splitting levels.

Amazing Realism

Hidden in your Xbox 360 is a wealth of 5.1 surround sound information. SOUNDaround decodes this and uses psycho-acoustic modelling to drastically improve detail. Experience greatly enhanced realism as sounds you’ve never heard come to life.
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