Thrustmaster Racing Wheels T80 Racing Wheel PlayStation® 3 / PlayStation® 4 Retail Box 1 year warranty

Product Overview
The First PlayStation 4 officially licensed Racing wheel, for all Racing games on PlayStation®4 starting with the first one: DRIVECLUB™

To enjoy an absolutely unique driving experience with high levels of performance, car racing game fans can count on the one and only official PlayStation®4 (PS4) wheel featuring dual licenses – from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) and for DRIVECLUB™*, the socially charged next-gen racing title on this new console: the T80 - DRIVECLUB Edition from Thrustmaster.

Thrustmaster provides an unmatched gaming experience with the T80 - DRIVECLUB Edition – a limited-edition wheel with an exclusive license – for the PS4 release of DRIVECLUB™ from Evolution Studios.

The first official wheel for PS4, the T80 - DRIVECLUB Edition is automatically recognized by the console. The wheel includes a number of special features, to let users get the most out of the PS4’s new functionalities: an official embedded firmware (allowing for automatic recognition of the wheel by the PS4), along with the official “SHARE”, “OPTIONS” and “PS” buttons easily accessible right on the wheel. Gamers will use these buttons often in DRIVECLUB™ to share their favourite racing moments, and show friends the impressive feats they’ve achieved using the wheel.

The T80 - DRIVECLUB Edition has been specially designed to help you beat your best times, for unrivalled performance. To achieve this, the wheel incorporates some major advantages, including its angle of rotation: this is much larger on a wheel compared to a gamepad’s mini-stick, allowing for a vastly greater level of precision on the steering axis. Other important advantages lie in the wheel’s large 25 cm diameter, and its ergonomic design providing perfect control with all types of cars – including rubber textured cladding on the wheel’s grip surfaces: this results in enhanced handling and ideal driving comfort, for smoother turns and better drifting. Sensations provided by the T80 - DRIVECLUB Edition are also incredibly lifelike, thanks to the wheel’s realistic linear resistance with automatic re-centring via Thrust master’s exclusive Bungee Cord technology.

The controls available on the T80 - DRIVECLUB Edition are also particularly comprehensive, including 11 action buttons, a multidirectional D-pad and wheel-mounted sequential paddle shifters (2 digital Up and Down shifters to let you shift gears more quickly!).What’s more, the wheel’s central clamping system ensures total stability, even during intense gaming sessions. The large pedal set features adjustable angles of inclination for the pedals, allowing for optimized acceleration and braking according to the user’s preferred driving styles.The T80 - DRIVECLUB Edition will be available in a limited edition for the launch of the game DRIVECLUB™, (Game is not included)

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5 - AverageBy Derrick Forster - 25/06/2015 11:41
Very good
Very good

5 - AverageBy Waseem Moosa - 12/10/2015 07:52
Not as great as expected to be but does the job

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