Manhattan Hi-Speed USB Active Extension Cable - Daisy-Chainable, A Male / A Female, 10 m (33 ft.) , Retail Box, Limited Lifetime Warranty

Easily overcome distance limitations to connect USB devices.

Product Overview
Manhattan Hi-Speed USB Active Extension Cable-Daisy-Chainable, A Male / A Female, 10 m (33 ft.) -Use the Manhattan Hi-Speed USB Active Extension Cable to connect a computer USB port to a USB device almost anywhere in the room. Up to three daisy-chainable cable extensions provides a convenient, 30 m (99 ft.) connection. Manhattan Hi-Speed USB Active Extension Cable with built-in repeater is fully compliant with USB 1.1 and Hi-Speed USB specifications to help devices operate at maximum performance levels. Plug- and-play capability, Windows/Mac versatility and no external power or driver requirements help provide greater flexibility in computer and peripheral placement and office layout.

•Extends and boosts the signal to any USB device – supports data transfer speeds up to 480 Mbps
•Built-in repeater helps maintain Hi-Speed USB signal quality, electrical and timing specifications
•Overcomes the 5m (16-ft.) USB distance limitation – ideal for connecting enclosures and other peripherals
•Daisy-chain up to three extensions for a total distance of 30 m (99 ft.)
•Plug and play; Windows and Mac compatible; bus power requires no external power supply

Electrical:  USB power output: 5 V ±5% / 232 mA

•Standard-A male
•Standard-A female

•Throughput: 480 Mbps
•Bus powered
•Maximum length: 30 m (99 ft.)
•All USB-supported operating systems

•Length: 10 m (33 ft.)
•Weight: 314 g (11.1 oz.)

 Package Contents
•Hi-Speed USB Active Extension Cable

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