Manhattan MHL HDTV Cable - Micro-USB 5-pin to HDMI, with USB type-A power , Retail Box, Limited Lifetime Warranty

MHL HDTV Cable-Micro-USB 5-pin to HDMI, with USB type-A power 

Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) allows tablets and smartphones to transmit digital audio and video signals via their Micro-USB connector to be viewed on an HDTV.

Product Overview
The Manhattan MHL HDTV Cable enables you to connect a five-pin MHL-enabled smartphone or tablet (Sony Xperia Z and beyond; HTC One and beyond; Samsung Galaxy S2, Note, Nexus and other MHL-enabled devices) to an HDTV, monitor or projector through an HDMI connection. It delivers crystal-clear video up to 1080p resolution and eight-channel digital audio for optimal multimedia enjoyment, and has an additional USB connector to simultaneously power and charge your connected mobile device.*

 To use, simply plug the standard USB connector on the MHL HDTV Cable into a USB wall charger, then connect it to a power source.
 Next, connect the HDMI input of the MHL HDTV Cable to your HDTV, monitor or projector. Finally, plug the Micro-USB input into your smartphone or tablet and enjoy.**

 Not sure if your smartphone supports MHL technology? Follow this link to see for yourself:

 * Battery drain may be greater than the charging rate in some devices.
 ** Use the Manhattan 5- to 11-Pin MHL Adapter, Model 151481, for 11-pin applications (Galaxy S3, Note 2, Mega and beyond)

•Works with smartphones and tablets from HTC, Sony, LG and Samsung (Galaxy S2, Note, Nexus)
•Display your MHL device content on an HDTV, monitor or projector
•Supports video up to 1080p with 8-channel, 7.1 surround sound
•Integrated USB charging cable (0.76 m / 2.5 ft.)
•No special viewing app required; plug and play
Standards and Certifications
•MHL 1.0

•Video: 1080p HD
•Audio: 8-channel digital audio, 7.1 surround

•Samsung (Galaxy SII, Galaxy Note 5.3" and other MHL 5-pin models)
•HTC (EVO, Sensation and other 5-pin MHL models)
•LG (Optimus, Nitro and other 5-pin MHL models)
•Sony (Xperia SX, GX, V and other 5-pin MHL models)
•Other 5-pin MHL devices

•Micro-USB, male 5-pin
•HDMI, male
•USB type A, male (power)

 - Micro-USB (5-pin) to HDMI (1.5 m / 5 ft.)
 - USB type A to HDMI (0.76 m / 2.5 ft.)

•Weight: 0.04 kg (0.09 lbs.)

 Package Contents
•Instructions Manual

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