AirBar Touchscreen Sensor for 15.6 inch Windows 10 Laptops- Adds Touch Functionality to Your Laptop, Touch With A Finger, Glove, Paintbrush, Stylus, Designed for 15.6 inch Windows 10 Laptops, Power Source USB Bus-Powered, USB Type A Host Port -Black, Retail Box, Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Overview

The Neonode AirBar Touchscreen Sensor for 15.6 inch Windows 10 based Laptops adds Touch enabled functionality to your standard Laptop. With this innovative laptop accessory you get the freedom to pinch, sweep, zoom and scroll on your laptop non-touch display screen to your heart's content. Designed for Windows 10 Laptops with 15.6 inch 16:9 displays, the AirBar snaps onto the bottom of your laptop's screen with the included magnets, and it connects to your system via an attached USB Type-A cable. Touch with a finger, glove, paintbrush, stylus, and more.
You need 22 mm of flat surface below the bottom edge of the display for mounting the AirBar sensor.Once connected, the AirBar senses touch inputs by emitting an invisible light field over your laptop's screen, allowing you to interact with the display using your finger, a stylus, a glove, a paintbrush, or other compatible pointing devices. Supported gestures include tapping, swiping, pinching, zooming, and rotating. Thanks to its "Plug-and-Touch" functionality, the plug-and-play AirBar doesn't require any drivers or software for installation.
•Adds Touch Functionality to your standard Laptop
•Simply attach the AirBar to the bottom of your 15.6 inch laptop screen with the included magnets
•Start tapping, swiping, and pinching on your laptop's non-touch display
•Designed for Windows 10 based Laptops /Notebooks with 15.6 inch 16:9 displays
•You need 22 mm of flat surface below the bottom edge of the display for mounting the AirBar sensor.
•Touch With A Finger, Glove, Paintbrush, Stylus, And More.
•Accepts Gestures Like Taps, Swipes, Pinches, Zooms, And Rotations.
•USB Type-A Connector And USB Bus Powered
•Colour Black
AirBar gives your PC touchscreen capabilities. The sleek, lightweight device emits an invisible light field over a PC screen that senses touch from any finger, stylus, paintbrush,etc.. AirBar enables touch for 15.6 inch laptops running Windows® 10.AirBar comes in the form of a sleek matte black bar that attaches to the bottom of a display with magnets and connects instantly through a USB port. No software installation required. Touch with a finger, glove, paintbrush, stylus, and more. This accessory accepts gestures like taps, swipes, pinches, zooms, and rotations.

Plug and Touch

Experience keyboard-free use of your laptop with the AirBar. Thanks to its Plug and Touch feature, you can easily use this accessory with your notebook. Just attach its magnets to the bottom of your screen's bezel and plug in the USB cord to start using it instantly. And when you're closing your laptop, simply detach it from the magnets and unplug the device.After you’ve mounted your AirBar sensor correctly, just plug in the USB connector. If you need a longer USB-cord, use an extension.

Touch Using Any Object

When you attach the AirBar to your laptop, it creates an invisible light field that covers your system's display. When this light field is interrupted, your laptop interprets it as an interactive input. You can interrupt the light field using almost anything - your fingers, a pencil, gloves, a paintbrush, a stylus and more.

Control with Gestures

Scroll through content, tap to highlight text or swipe the screen to go through your audio and video files - with the AirBar, everything will be more fun and convenient than before. You can also pinch, zoom or rotate maps and photos.

Swipe like you mean it

AirBar supports all native gestures in Windows 10. Swipe away!

Scroll your way home

Scroll is fast and precise with AirBar. It’s easier to eat with your fingers, no matter what your mother says, and scrolling is the same.

Move, pick and turn it all around

AirBar makes it easy to move around in your presentations, it’s a breeze to use for editing and really brings you closer to your work or fun.

Pinch & Zoom

Experience your photos with native pinch and zoom. With your fingers. Yes, it’s really useful. And cool.

Get your AirBar right here, right now!

You can get AirBar for your 15.6 inch Windows 10 based notebook .Imagine your notebook with added touch. Just like that.

Sleek Design

Featuring a slim and lightweight profile, the AirBar can easily go wherever you go without weighing you down.

• Stock Code NNABC3460XU11
• Description AirBar Touchscreen Sensor for 15.6 inch Windows 10 Laptops
• Product type Change your non-touch laptop screen into a fully functional touchscreen with the NeoNode AirBar
• Compatibility Laptops with 15.6" 16:9 Displays
• Power Source Bus-Powered
• Host Port USB Type-A
• Operating System required Microsoft Windows 10
• Material: Plastic
• System Requirements: USB Port
• Pack of: 1
• Colour: Matte Black

System Requirements
Must be a 15.6 inch laptop/ Notebook with a 16:9 display and must be running Microsoft Windows 10
You need 22 mm of flat surface below the bottom edge of the display for mounting the AirBar sensor.

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9 - SpectacularBy Marc Wegkamp - 31/01/2020 08:51
I seldom write reviews - But this product deserves one.
I have followed this product from the time it was hinted at over the internet. Touch screen laptops... read more...

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