Geeko HDMI To VGA with Audio Converter- Supports HDTV Resolutions Up To 1080p , Does Not Pass HDCP, VGA Is Unencrypted, No power supply is needed, Plug and play functionality, Retail Box, No Warranty
Product Overview
The Geeko HDMI To VGA (D-SUB) with Audio Converter connects an HDMI source to a VGA monitor and speakers. The converter generates the compatible digital to analog conversion signals to make the connection between the HDMI input and VGA output work and integrated audio signals to a VGA video stream and separate audio output. The converter features one male HDMI connector for direct connection to an HDMI source, one female 15-pin HD connector for VGA output, and one 3.5mm audio jack for mono audio output. With a size of only 22x51x16mm, the converter provides a compact solution for converting digital HDMI signals into analog video and audio. This convertor supports HDTV resolutions to up 1080p and does not pass HDCP as VGA is unencrypted. No power supply is needed. Plug and play functionality means no new software or drivers are required.


• Description Geeko HDMI To VGA With Audio Converter- Connect An HDMI Video And Audio Source To A VGA Monitor And Speakers.
• Built-In Chipset That Converts Digital To Analog Signals.
• Supports Resolutions:  480i/576i/480p/576i/720p/720i/1080i/1080p
• No Power Supply Required.
• Plug And Play Functionality – No New Software Or Drivers Required.
• Compact Design – Connects Directly To HDMI Source.
• DDC Support.
• Does Not Pass HDCP Content As VGA Is Unencrypted.


• One Male HDMI Connector For Source Input.
• One Female 15-Pin VGA ( D -Sub )Connector For Video Output.
• One Female 3.5mm Jack For Mono Audio Output.


• No Power Supply Required.
• Power Consumption: 5V/130ma
• Dimensions WxDxH 22x51x16mm
• Weight: 11 g
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