NetiX RJ45 Rubber Boots 100 Per Pack - Protects Your RJ45 Connector, Anti-Snag Design To Protect RJ45 Plug Clip, Compatible With Cat5/5e/6 Ethernet Cable Colour Dark Grey, Retail Box No Warranty
Product Overview
The NetiX RJ45 Rubber Boots are also known as Strain relief boots are designed to fit over the end of a CAT-5 / CAT-6 connectors to relieve the strain on the connector and to clean up the cosmetics of the cable. Help keep cables firmly seated without excessive bulk taking up precious space between ports on your equipment. They're flexible enough to be easily inserted and removed while keeping the cable securely seated. The use of strain relief boots prolongs the life of cable and connectors. They are available in various colours to assist in cable identification and segregation.

The price is for 100 per pack
• Stock Code UTP-BOOT-DGR
• Description NetiX RJ45 Rubber Boots-100 Per Pack - Dark Grey  
• Rubber Boots Cap Cover
• Protects Your RJ45 Connector
• Easy To Use and Easy to Install
• High-Quality Ethernet Cable Boots With Anti-Snag Design To Protect RJ45 Plug Clip
• Compatible With Cat5/5e/6 Ethernet Cable
• Sold As 100 Per Pack
• Colour: Dark Grey
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